For artists who have a hard time explaining theirs works.

For events organizers and companies commissioning artists.

For independent sellers, young curator and galleries in reinforcement needs.

For small institutions and players in the art market with occasional demands.

For magazines and journals with lifestyle diversed content.



Lifestyle, contemporary art and exhibitions constitute the core of my expertise. 

The content copywriting is designed in accordance with the reader’s requirements and the final format. Aiming to produce a high quality content, I am committed to have a clear understanding of my client’s art or requests in order to make it as accessible and marketable as possible.


Web + print edition (publication on my blog or for your personal use)

Articles, blog posts, featured content 

Communication, social media

Instagram post, press materials, exhibitions cartels and artist portfolio text

More specific needs

Mediation booklet, interviews, artists portray

Each project requires a different amount of work time. Contact me to discuss your project, I will then evaluate the most appropriate price. Note that as a young collector, I am open to the exchange of works of art as payment for the content creation.