Living Art Differently is the result of years of art exploration, work experiences and studying. 

Through this blog, I wished to share with others what’s been driving my energy for the past 10 years; « coup-de-coeur » artworks, meeting exciting and passionate people with an out-of-box vision, and gem places. 

To give a little more context about my background, I started going back and forth to Paris to visit exhibitions at the age of 15. Even tho I was not from there and I had not been raised in a particularly art-loving family, I have always been oddly drawn to these types of places. Something caught my attention at that time of my life, although I didn’t understand anything about « it ». This curiosity quickly became a real passion, which I nurtured to the point of being my vocation. 

After high-school, I graduated a European Bachelor from the Parisian school of cultural management and art market ICART, then from the Paris 8 University « Art Mediation, Exhibition, and Critic » master degree.

This 5-year formation allowed exploring about the « behind-the-scene » organization of world-known art exhibitions, through valuable experiences in contemporary art mediation : to The Manuel Rivera Ortiz Fondation during the Festival des Rencontres de la Photographie of Arles 2015 edition, the open-air permanent exhibition tour of the in the Château La Coste’s vineyards, the « Chtouchoukine » exhibition at the Louis Vuitton Foundation, and to contemporary art fairs such as Art-O-Rama, Asia Now, and Paris Photo. 

After these exciting times, I pursued my career path by collaborating with independent artists on their communication and events management. My flexible schedule allowed to launch a new exciting project that I wanted to enterprise for a long time; my personal art blog and social media. This blog marked a turning point to the way I wanted to live my passion and to share it with the right audience. 

Thanks to these experiences, I have constantly expanded my knowledge of the emerging art scene worldwide, dedicated new media, and ever-changing networking channels. 

My inner self has always been driven by freedom, keep trying out new thing, and juggling between different tasks at the same time. Starting this entrepreneur journey by offering my art-related services was the most natural match to my values. 

My passion for art has not stopped growing since when I was 15, and I am grateful I keep learning every day about this endless market. Building strong relationships and meeting new people lead my work dynamic at its core. On a last – but not least – note, I finally jump myself « into it » and started creating my own art pieces. Stay tuned !