A short selection of my favorite artworks from Art Paris Art Fair 2019

I had the opportunity to visit the Art Paris Art Fair 2019 at the stunning venue of the Grand Palais. There was a lot of Op-Art works (geometric and optical). I don’t really know if this interest in optical art is international, but in Paris, there has been a major exhibition on Vasarely at the Centre Pompidou; the Vasarely Foundation in Aix-en-Provence re-opened some days ago. I suppose there is a kind of cause-and-effect. The Vasarelian trend is obviously fashionable.

So the op-trend was accompanying the fair themes as A look at women artists in France/ Southern Stars: an exploration of Latin American art. As the fair was not « huge » as the FIAC can be, it remained at human size and the tour was pleasant. But because I was late, despites many beautiful things, I hadn’t time to see every artwork. You shall know that in this kind of event – a fair- guided tours are very limited, except for VIP groups. As long as you don’t look like a collector with significant resources, explanations with gallerists won’t be unfortunately very long either!

Eva Taulois, Galerie des petits carreaux

Geneviève Claisse, Galerie Wagner

Jeremi CA, Galerie Wagner

Jeremi CA Website
Galerie Wagner Website

Martin Tardy, Galerie Erst Hilger

Martin Tardy Website
Galerie Ernst Website

Ma Desheng, A2Z, Art Gallery

A2Z Art Gallery Website

Benoit Huot, Galerie C

Benoit Huot Website
Galerie C Website

Mathieu Ducournau, Galerie Chevalier

Galerie Chevalier Website

Laurent Gapaillard, Galerie Daniel Maghen

Laurent Gapaillard Website

Mark Jenkins

Mark Jenkins Website

Jocelyne Santos, Galerie La Ligne

Jocelyne Santos Website
Galerie La Ligne Website

Alice Anderson, Galerie La Patinoire Royale, Valérie Bach

Galerie La Patinoire Royale, Valérie Bach

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